1 Aug 2011


I am 17 now.
some photos xx

those all above were taken in my boarding house and they are my housemates.
Err i don't have any pictures in school when my classmates celebrated hartaty and my birthday. Sofie took the photos, i will ask her for the photos.

Anw,i had my haircut. This is the shortest haircut i ever had.

 Cya. ;;)

19 Jun 2011

I am back, guys! :)

Hello guys,sorry for not updating my blog about 2 months. :D :D
I have been having my holiday since 2nd june,it's about 2 weeks already. Went back to my hometown about 14 days and then on 16th june came back to Medan for joining the first SEALNet leadership workshop on 18th. I feel very lucky because i could join it. I've learnt many things there, met many new friends, having fun with all of the mentors and mentees, playing games, can learn about leadership, and of course it improves my english speaking skill. Ya as you know,my english is not good enough. Hehe. Unfortunately, i can't join the 1st outreach on 20th so i am going to join the 2nd outreach to Panti Asuhan Pelita Kasih on 23rd.
Anyway,my mom is in penang with my brother. Hope everything goes well there. Get well very soon Mom. <3

13 Apr 2011

Mouth and Heart

Today is 13rd April. I think time passes very very quickly. I've broken up for 6 months. Ehh,hello there still remember what did you text me 6 months ago? ;p
Sometimes when i remember about R, i still feel sad, even sometimes i am crying. I am jealous when i see his profile filled by other girl's posts or whatever. But life goes on.
My mouth can say 'I dont love you anymore',but my heart says , 'I still love you somehow.'

27 Mar 2011

We got it!

Ohyeah yesterday,26 march 2011,P2S1 has been closed already. 1 month competition passed already. And yeah,finally 2science6 got medals,we got 1 gold and 1 silver. And me myself got the silver one. Hehe :)
ilove2science6! B)
they are great!
Bytheway,senior high school 3 are going to graduate soon. Ohh,i will miss my good friends who are in SHS 3.
Keep in touch dear!
Err,today is weekend but i don't know where to go. Bored.

-One of the hardest parts in life is deciding whether to walk away, or try harder.

18 Mar 2011


A day out with my housemates after finished exam.
16 March 2011

Last month ,lovely February !

It has been a very long time ago i update my blog.  Uhh.. I am very busy about P2S1 and examination. I am sorry for my absence. I am going to tell you aboud my February.
Hehehe.. The most unforgetable moment in February is art 14th Feb. It isn't about Valentine's day. But I am going to tell you about Mama Ross's birthday surprise. Mama  Ross is 2science6's form teacher. Here are the photos. Enjoy it!

 You can see mama ross is smiling in those photos. ;p Okay it's enough about Mama Ross's birthday surprise.

Now about P2S1.
My class joined some competitions,but so far we haven't got any medals. Okay nevermind. We don't need any medals,we just want to share our time together,closer to each other. Togetherness. I love 2science6.
Some problems with P2S1. But now the problems are solved already. I am going to post the opening of P2S1 photos. Here we gooooo !

 Rubik Cuber Sutomo1
Tari Aceh

 Opening Acr
 Modern Dance
Magic Show
 Break Dance
 Our Headmaster,Ir.Khoe Tjok Tjin

Okay i think it's enough. ;D

31 Jan 2011

Great Day !

January is going to end in minutes. Times tick tock so quickly.
29th and 30th ,me,nova and vincent participated the 'Mikroskil Enterpreneur Days 2011'. Ohh,i am so tired. We spent those 2 day from morning until night about 10p.m there.
And today i watched 'The Mechanic' with K. Actually we wanted to watch Shaolin,but all the tickets are sold out. Actually,i didnt really understand about the mechanic. Whahaha.
Anyway,i've known K for about 3 years. K calls me with the nickname that R used to call me. Okay,stop telling you about R. HAHAHAHA.
What a great day!

28 Jan 2011

Black and white side

Err,i remember something this morning. Still remember the day when i spent IDR 30000 just to sit and mad inside the theater? Yeah,the story happened on that day, 21st Nov. I still remember that day, 'that girl' arranged our seat. It wasn't what i want. It was her plan! Not mine!!
Because of that stupid plan,i argued with R that day. Shit! I told R already that it wasn't my plan. But,you know what? R texted me and said that it was not that girl's plan and asked me to say sorry to that girl! I know R is being friend with that girl since primary school if i'm not mistaken. Then,blame me? It wasn't my fault! Why did you blame me? Realize please! Fvck! I hate two-face people! Gotohell!

23 Jan 2011

It doesn't work,dear.

It's midnight already. My eyes still cant close to sleep. I don't know why,I'm thinking about R now. I miss him badly. It has been couples weeks i didnt mention him at my blog. I'm trying to forget,but it doesn't work. Many things remind me about him. I keep hoping until now. It's almost 3 and half months. ISLYR. Goodnight.

21 Jan 2011


I'm sorry,i dont update my blog recently.
I didnt feel well these few days.
I got fever last saturday.
I got a super stomachache this morning till afternoon,so i skipped my tuition.
Chinese new year is coming. I cant wait for it. But my brother cancel to go back to Indo. :'( he is going to go to USA. Ahh. So cool!! Must bring home some gift from there for me. ;;)
I've no preparation for cny. I've bought 3 new dresses. Hehe. My sister will go back on the 1st day of CNY. I miss her too. ;)
err,bytheway anyone knows about the differences between TOEFL and IELTS? Tell me if you know. I'm wondering about university for next year. ;)